Salon Policies

Cancellation Policy

All stylists require 24 hours notice for a cancellation. If your appointment is at 10 AM on Tuesday, then your stylist should be contacted Monday morning. This not only gives the stylist the opportunity to rebook the appointment, but it gives our clients, who have been waiting patiently, the chance to get an appointment. 

*Without 24hrs notice, some stylists charge a cancellation fee.

Policy on Children

In an effort to provide a safe and relaxing

environment for all of our clients, we

ask that you do not bring your

children to your service.

They are welcome for their

own appointment time only. Thank you for your consideration.


Detangling and Prep (New Curly Clients)

Come with your hair completely down and dry.

Please, no wet hair or stretching, headbands, braids, ponytails, etc.

Co-wash, cleanse and/ or condition and detangle your hair before your appointment.

Hair should be worn in your normal style so your stylist can see your natural curl pattern. 

Two day hair is acceptable as long as it is not stretched and represents your natural curl pattern.

*Clients who need extensive detangling will be charged their stylists hourly rate.


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